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Biometric means to use physical or behavioral characteristics when identifying a person. The biometric security systems uses iris structure or eye retinal, fingerprints, facial recognition, hand geometry and also blood vessels under the skin to identify a person. Mostly, the biometric used is the fingerprint. Biometric gun control is of high concern nowadays due to many irresponsible practices of people owning guns. keeping gun effectively is significant issue in debates concerning gun control. A responsible person owning the gun should know that storing gun in a safe place is a very important part of owning firearm. Among the effective means of storing arms is using any biometric gun safe. The safe also provide quick access to the gun.


The Fingerprint gun safe is a safe which has lock that is usually biometric. Biometric locking mechanism usually functions with the biometric technology of the fingerprint scanning. The gun safe is among most secure ways of keeping firearms in home. It is a means of offering fast-access to people’s firearms. gun safe is also means of protecting the fire arms which only require fingerprint or presence of any biometric scan without needing any keys or combination. With this safes, you cannot sacrifice time in accessing the gun for safety in emergency cases since there are no key or combination required.

The Fingerprint gun safe is same as any other biometric gun safe. It is made up of durable and strong material.Also it has a padded area where one can store guns. This facility has locking mechanism which keep fire arm out of harmful people. The technology is a proof of newest technology which is the additional part of security to the firearms and oneself. Owner of the firearm uses biometric scanner to scan the fingerprints when accessing the weapon. After recognition of a fingerprint scan, access to firearm is permitted by this facility. Owner doesn’t waste time in trying many keys, or trying to remember a complex combination while still under duress. Fire arm owner touches the scanner and access the fire arm instantly.

The Fingerprint gun safe enables quick access to firearm in case there is an urgency of it for the safety purposes. Usually, gun access just require tip of fingers and there is no need for any memory task or a key. Owner of gun benefits from the improved safety measure, keeping fire arm away from the wrong hands and any instant access to gun.


In addition, the fingerprint safes has an ability to code various fingerprints and to store them in a biometric scanner. The ability of safe can enhance the access of the firearm to all the responsible individual in the family whom require accessing this weapon, while also keeping out many others from accessing gun. Against the combination safe or key , child or a stranger cannot handle key in manner possible to gain an access or even to guess any combination. Fingerprint gun safe is safest option for the firearms owners who have children.

Finger print scanner is very sensitive to fingers mostly to people with fingers having dirt, cuts or very tight identification tolerance. Solution to the problem is that individual affected must take imprints of various fingers at different angles

Fingerprint lock is tricked using various ways. One can use the fingerprint imprint such as ballistic gelatin then latex fingerprint imprint and finally by using a simple fingerprint photocopy. In case the locker is a lower quality, it will definitely offer an access to gun due to loose tolerance.

Owner of a gun can be locked out of accessing this facility in case those who are not permitted to access the weapon access .This happen if identification tolerance is to loose.when identification tolerance is very tight, it may cause access problems if one is under duress. This tolerance will bring about an effect which make the right person to be locked out. some issue can be fatal in cases requiring self defense

Fingerprint gun safe sensors are differrent, there are military quality systems that cost about $5,000, the commercial quality systems that cost about $1,000 and the economy quality systems costing about $100. Price of sensors do not include the lock.

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