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A gun is no ordinary tool to leave lying around aimlessly. Anyone who owns a firearm knows how important it is to keep it safe always. Safety of your gun is more vital especially at home where you probably have little ones running around. In such scenarios, one needs a safe and secure place out of the reach of children. The biometric gun safes is that secure place for your gun to invest in. In the history of safe firearm storage innovations, biometric gun safes happen to be the latest to be invented.

The unique feature behind this advancement in gun storage; is the use of fingerprints to keep your firearms locked away safely. There are a variety of biometric gun safes in the market. Choosing which to purchase might prove tricky especially when you are clueless about these safes. However, the amazon product review on best biometric gun safes will be of great help. This is because: the reviews give one more insight on the gun safes.

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This gun storage device is relatively small in size and portable since it weighs approximately 15lb.The feature of this storage includes a solid lock bolt made of steel inclusive of the whole body. This allows for a safe and fast storing of your valuables. The fingerprints memory to this safe can accommodate up to 30 users. The process of registering your fingerprint with this device is easy and takes seconds. Since it is a mini safe, its storage capacity can accommodate two small arms at a go. In case of emergency, for instance the batteries are out of power; the mini barska safe has two keys as back up. The barska mini safe is powered by 4 AA size batteries that can power it for 2 years. The safe comes with accessories such as a shielding surface mat as well as mounting gears. The mounting gears assist one to hold the safe permanently against the wall or floor surface securely.

This biometric safe is also made of steel material with steel locking bolts. This compact safe comes with adjustable shelf for an easy to use user interface. The finger memory for the stack-on-PS-10 B safe set to accommodate 32 diverse users. Its automated deadlock as well as the concealed distress key helps to provide more security and also quick access during emergency.

This is another one of the best biometric gun safe. The safe has a fingerprint memory capacity of 30 users. Made of black steel materials for its body, the safe also includes steel bolt locks and a motor-powered deadlock bolt. This makes it safe and more secure for its users. Among the accessories that come along side the safe include standby keys in case of emergency, shielding surface mat not forgetting the mounting gears.

BARSKA biometric gun safe is completely solid safe and secure. Made of all steel body, has an addition of identification pad that is exceptional in terms easy to use with safe access. With just a finger touch one can easily be able to access the safe. Its finger identification capacity can store the finger prints of 30 users. Being large than the BARSKA mini, the BARSKA biometric safe can store more than just the guns. One can also store valuables such as jewelry, vital documents among other valuables. The safe is totally portable has it weighs an approximately 3lb. It comes with factory drilled holes so that one can attach it against the wall or floor. Among the accessories that come alongside it include the mounting gears and two reserve emergency keys.

BARSKA quick access biometric rifle safe looks more of a stretched box. It is more ideal for the rifle fire arms storage as well as other vital document and valuable since it is spacious enough.It has a unique finger print identification technology that can store up to 120 different prints. During emergency one can still access the safe; thanks to the two reserve keys that come with it. It can be easily attached to walls or floor by use of the mounting gears that are provided when one purchases it. The BARSKA quick access biometric rifle safe is usually powered by two pairs AA sized batteries that have a 2 year lifetime of use. Purchasing this kind of delicate device requires guarantee just in case; that is why the BARSKA quick access biometric rifle safe comes with a one year warrant.

This is one of the smallest biometric gun safe ever in the market today. It is made of strong aluminum alloy material the like used in aircraft manufacture. It comes with a biometric identification scanner that has a 360 scan radius. This RFID scan pad scan stores a several finger prints easily. The finger registering process takes seconds to be processed and stored this biometric gun safe. That makes more fast and effective for its users. The gun box biometric hand gun safe is sensitive to motion or any vibration. Once it detects any motion or vibration, it sounds an alarm response through a ring or wristband own by its owner.

However the rings as well as the wristband are sold separately with the gun box safe. Unlike the other biometric safes, the gun box safe is rechargeable through two USB ports. For those who prefer the gun box drilled into the cars, then there are car charging adapters for easy use. For more convenience the safe comes with reserve batteries. The gun box is ideal at home as well as car. The safe also has factory drilled holes for easy mounting on home walls or floor as well as in the car. This gun box is also approved by the FAA; as a safe and secure container for firearm while on travel.

These six biometric hand gun safes are truly made with the user in mind. Their features are made to enhance safety for you and your family. Buying one such gun safe will surely be a wise decision to make. They are also affordable to ensure that nothing should come in the way of your safety and that of your family.

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