The Pros and Cons of Using Biometric Gun Safes

There is no doubt that most people do feel much safer with a gun in their home. However, the safety of storing that gun to make sure that it does not turn into a hazard has always been in question owing to the numerous accidents and deaths that have risen from the improper storage of firearms. The only problem that most gun owners faced in the past was that they feared with placing a gun in a safe, there was more time required to retrieve the gun when the need arose and this coupled with the higher chances of forgetting codes and combinations in times of distress made matters even worse. This was until the biometric safes as well as the pros and cons of using a biometric safe came along.

Without a doubt, they have revolutionized gun storage and made it much safer and accessible at the same time but this has not come without its fair share of strong points and criticism which is why it is only fair that we highlight the pros and cons of using such a gun safe.

The benefits. 


One of the greatest benefits that the biometric gun safes have to offer is the fact that there is no code or combination to remember. All you need are you fingerprints which you do not need any help whatsoever remembering. This comes in handy even in times of distress since all you have to do is place the fingers on the scanner and you have access to your fire arm just like that.

With the improving technology that comes with these safes, you can be able to store a number of different sets of fingerprints. This is essential because that means that you can allow other responsible members of the family access to the gun safe so that they are able to protect themselves even in your absence. The best part about this is that you will not have to worry about them disclosing the passwords to other people that you may have concerns about like your children.

When in panic mode, you have to agree that it is much easier to scan a finger and swing a door open than it is to start fumbling with keys and buttons that might look awfully small at the time and very elusive with all the trembling and nervousness that you might be under.

It is also worth mentioning that the biometric safes are better equipped not only to offer safe protection for your firearm but to also offer quicker access to the same when needed allowing you to turn the tables and take control of the situation faster and more efficiently.

The downside. 


As you would expect, it would be virtually impossible for one to create something that is free of error. That is why you always have to weigh both sides of the coin and pick something that offers you more benefits than disadvantages. With that said, here some of the disadvantages that come with the use of biometric gun safes.

One of the greatest problems that most people have with gun safes is the false scans. This is more so the case with the older models and occurs when someone’s finger which is not saved in the system passes the test and opens the safe. This is called a false positive.

Another down side to the use of biometric gun safes are the non-scans. These occur when the safe fails to open for a set of fingerprints that have been saved in its data base denying an otherwise legitimate person access to the fire arms which can be disastrous especially if this happens when there is an emergency or a need for one to protect themselves.

Another issue that rears its ugly head with the use of this kind of gun safes is dirty fingers. This affect how the scanning process works and may result in either a non-scan or a false positive. The same case happens when the fingers that are being scanned are soiled, wet or have been damaged or injured.

However, while there are a few pitfalls with the designing and the security that the biometric safes are able to afford. It is worth mentioning that this is a developing technology and the cases of the cons have been on the decline for quite some time. In due course, the contrast of the pros and cons of using this kind of gun safe in the market will be better. In the meantime, to safeguard yourself from these problems, you should invest in a high end gun safe as this considerably reduces the likelihood of any of the mentioned scenarios occurring.

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