Long gun safe buy guide


Looking to purchase a security system for your long firearms can be quite a daunting task. This is even more tasking when you are considering doing this online and you are in search for a security system that will suit your different gun sizes. If you are on the hunt for a tight security cabinet to keep your weapons safe, you soon discover that most shops will be offering nothing but metal containers with locks. Once you are at this point of near frustration you will realize that buying most appropriate safe is not as easy as you initially imagined. The internet is awash with self proclaimed ‘authorities’ that will claim that they know all everything there is to know about gun safety and security systems but let this not deter you from your goal. With this in mind, I carne up with 5 things I consider the long gun safe buy guide to help gun enthusiasts like you and the aspiring novices to understand what to look for when shopping for a foolproof security system for your much valued firearms. Your long guns!!!


In my experience, what usually tends to happen is that the gun owner randomly guesses what they want and their decision is more often than not informed by the price and the size. Some stores will often attempt to sell you cheap safes that can easily be compromised and that offer your valuable firearms little or no protection from hazards such as fire and theft. When thinking over the main objectives of acquiring a safe, it all fizzles down to the obvious but extremely imperative issue. The firearms that need protection are usually among the most valuable assets we possess. Bearing this in mind,’ have taken time to sift through the infinite sea of misinformation to provide you with a few of the most relevant considerations to look into as you ponder over your safety challenge.

  • Buy from a retailer who knows the product and has great reviews

Since purchasing online does not afford the buyer the luxury to visit a warehouse or a showroom, it is important to review what the previous buyers have to say about the products they have purchased from the online retailer. Expert knowledge of the safety industry and equipment can be determined by the information and technical support quality offered by the online retailer. It is even more desirable when the retailer is a specialist shop that deals specifically with guns safes.

  • All Firearm Safes are not built equal

Gun safes can be found in many different sizes and styles. It is very important to be careful at this point because many of this so called safes’ are more often than not just gun cabinets that lack any burglary or fire protection features. The thickness of the metal, the construction or build and the door safety mechanism should be among your first points of concern. The next thing to consider is the fire rating. A quality long gun safe should be built using at least a 12 gauge steel for the door and preferably a 7 to 10 gauge for the body.


  • Door Construction Material and Mechanism is vital

When shopping for a proper safe for your long guns, the design of the door mechanism is absolutely important. Go for a secure safe that boasts of at least 0.25 inches of pure steel plates or a composite similarly strong material for the door.

  • Consider the Safe’s Ratings in Regards to its Purpose

All proper firearm safes will always come with an underwritten and approved security level rating that start with the basic residential security safe rating and upgrade to the improved ratings of B Rating, U.L., U.L. TL-30 and TL-15.

  • Does the safe have anchor features?

Providing an anchor for your gun safe is among the most important activities after you buy it and its absolutely recommended buy experts. This is because the most common way that safes are compromised is by first moving it from its original location to a place that allows them the tools and time to work on it Ensure that your long gun safe comes with anchor holes that can be securely pegged on concrete or wood for maximum protection against transfer.

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