Keeping gun safes that could last a lifetime

A gun safe is every gun-owner’s investment. Depending on given care, these gun safes could last a lifetime. Most gun safes are designed to withstand damages that may normally be caused by naturally occurring damage agents. However, it is important to note a gun safe’s parts, how each part works, and what each part is made of, in order to properly take care of it.


  • Exterior material

It is important to note if the exteriors of a gun safe is made to withstand fire, water, rust, and other causes of wear. The material and coating would depend on what damage it is made to protect. Usually, fire board materials are used to protect the gun safe from high temperature and fire. It could also be made waterproof, but the humidity caused by the fireboard’s insulation may dampen important documents or moisten in lock mechanisms that may encourage development of rust. In any case, place a dehumidifier inside the safe and replace it from time to time to protect the safe from humidity.gun safe 1

  • Keep most of the exteriors clean

Keep most of the exteriors clean by wiping it with a damp cloth, and a dry one after at least once a month. If your place is dusty, consider wiping more often. In cleaning locks and handles, avoid using metal polish as much as possible, as these parts have coatings that help prevent tarnish. This coating may be damaged by metal polish. Any scratch may be remedied by touch-up paint.

Lock Mechanism

This is one of the most important parts to protect, as this part prevents easy access to the safe. To protect a gun safe’s lock mechanism, it’s important to know how it works and what it is made of.

Before buying a gun safe, ask, is the lock opened mechanically or electronically? Does it lockout after several attempts? Is any part battery operated? What are the advantages of one over the other?

  • Electronic locks

An electronically operated gun safe will most likely be battery-operated. Thus, batteries should be replaced every n number of years. Depending on the battery’s capacity and the gun safe’s usage. The batteries may be replaced by a technician, or if the owner is knowledgeable enough, he personally may do so. Battery-operated lock mechanisms may require more attention, as mechanical locks usually last longer without lubrication compared to a battery’s life.

  • Mechanical locks

If it isn’t electronically operated, then the mechanism must be mechanical. For mechanically operated lock mechanisms, the lock should be lubricated ideally every 5 years. However, the safe may work fine without lubrication for a decade or so. So if you’re looking for a safe that has to be maintained less often and could last longer, a mechanical safe is a really good choice.

Lock Type

A lock may be opened by a key, a keypad, or a pad for biometrics. Depending on the lock type, have a replacement ready, in case the keypad, lock, or the pad for biometrics malfunctions. Either have one already bought, or be ready and look for places where they could be purchased, in case these malfunction. To keep them well functioning as much as possible, avoid pressing too hard or applying too much force when trying to open the gun safe.gun safe 2

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