Keeping firearms safe

Firearms could defend or terminate lives. This is why strict laws are implemented in handling them. Firearms are used to protect, but if put in the wrong hands, lives may be sacrificed. This is why a gun safe is a must-have for every responsible gun-owner.

A gun-owner is always required to learn safe gun handling and ethics, but what about the friends, family members, and strangers that surround you? They don’t necessarily know what they must about guns, and we don’t want them accidentally thinking that the gun is a toy and end up pointing it at someone. There are endless possibilities, but in conclusion, guns are best kept in safes that best suits the owner’s lifestyle.

There are many different kinds of gun safes, and it’s important to know how each is different before purchasing one for yourself. Different kinds of gun safes serve different purposes. Sometimes, you won’t even think that you need it if you don’t know of its existence.

Choosing a gun safe based on size and number of guns

  • Small size

    Small size gun safes are designed for keeping a small pistol or handgun. They keep the gun safe and this safe’s greatest advantage is portability. If you need a gun to always be with you but you also need it to be kept safe, and if you only have one small gun to keep, a small gun safe is a good option.

  • Stack on

    If you keep a lot of guns for any reason, then a stack-on gun safe is best for you. It could hold more than 22 guns in rows along with other valuables. They not only could satisfy the needs of a gun owner with multiple firearms, they could also help in storage needs for valuable documents, as it comes with shelves inside. If you don’t own a lot of guns yet, but you do have plans of owning more in the future, this is also a good investment. gun safe 1

Choosing a gun safe based on Lock Mechanisms

  • Combination Lock

    This has to be one of the most classic lock mechanisms, especially for gun safes. A number combination has to be pressed to open the safe.

  • Biometric Lock

    This mechanism requires the owner’s fingerprint to be opened. The good and bad side to this is that nobody but the owner could get access to the guns and possibly other documents and valuables inside the safe.gun safe 2

  • Key Access

    Like most doors, this requires a key to be opened. If bringing a key with you all the time is something you consider convenient, then this is a possible choice. Proper care has to be given in storing the key though, to ensure that no unwanted intruders could gain access to the safe.

  • Dual Lock

    In some gun safes, a combination of two lock mechanisms are used. Both locks have to be opened to gain access inside the gun safe. If you need a highly secured gun safe, this is a good choice.dual lock 3

All the said characteristics may be combined. A small gun safe may have different kinds of lock mechanisms. Gun safes may also be made water and/or fire proof. It may also be in-wall or portable. To keep them safe from being damaged by naturally occurring incidents. Essentially, in choosing a gun safe, it is important to take note of:

1) The number of guns to be stored (both now and in the future)

2) Level of security that the owner requires for the gun safe

3) The lock mechanism that best suits the owner’s comfort. For example, keeping a key may be inconvenient for others, but may be best for other people too. Each has his/her own preference.

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