Installation tips for gun safe

Gun control is of much concern nowadays due to irresponsible practices of those people owning guns. Storing the gun effectively is a significant issue in the debates concerning gun control. Any responsible person owning a gun should recognizes that storing the gun in a safe place is an important part of owning the firearm. Some of the installation tips for gun safe installation to consider when setting up a gun safe include:


  1. Decide which place to get the safe. Before purchasing the arm consider where you can acquire a nice safe. Consider whether you home can bear the weight of heavy or lighter one. Ensure that the floor of your home can bear and provide support to the safe.
  2. Consider to hire a moving service provider to deliver and install the safe, when the safe is heavy and you are required to move the safe up or down the stairs hire skilled personnel for that work. Many gun safe distributors offer white glove installation and free shipping service when you buy from them.2-Installation-tips-for-gun-safe
  3. In case you move the steel beast and carry out the safe installation, ensure that you get the weight and dimensions details of the model I advance. Rent any appliance dolly that is rated well for the weight. In case you are moving it upstairs or downstairs, look for a specialized stair climbing dolly
  4. Check the safe for scratches or any kind of damage after it has been delivered. A lot of companies only honor damages occurring during moving of the safe.
  5. Never move the safe when the door is open. Before taking out the safe from the pallet, go over manual, and make sure that you lock the safe door, also ensure that you can open it again.
  6. Remove your safe from the pallet. A pallet may be a magic carpet for any thief who wish to take the safe from your hands. Ensure that you take off the safe from the pallet before moving it
  7. In case the safe came when in a box, ensure that you perform a final dry run with empty box in the route where you are planning to move it, the safe will clear the doorways including the width of the staircase. In case it succeeds then move it. Ensure that you familiarize yourself with heavy rated appliance dolly. Avoid any last minute surprises.
  8. Ensure that you lay down scrap carpet or any mat where the safe can sit. The carpet will serve as moisture barrier that will prevent corrosion at the bottom of the safe.
  9. Ensure that the safe is sitting fully before the opening door on the floor. The doors are heavy, and should not swing out of control. It’s a good to keep the safe level when there is a mudslide, earthquake or other disaster that may affect foundation of the house.
  10. 3-Installation-tips-for-gun-safeAnchor the safe. In case the safe thatyou wish to purchase is not made for mounting to the floor, do not purchase it .Safes which are not mounted can easily be tipped over leaving them open. Also such safes can easily be removed from the house by innovative thieves or burglars.
  11. Ensure that the safe is well equipped with required materials for anchoring, although not a must. Some quality gun safes are equipped with the required pieces for the safe but never assume .Anchoring is among the final steps of safe installation. Ensure that the right bolts required for the surface of installing are available. Never install concrete bolts into wooden floor. The bolt heads to rip holes in the safe floor.
  12. Ensure that you anchor the safe to the wall for an additional layer of security. Check the measurements of the studs and ensure that your manufacture accepts wall mounting to avoid interference with the fire insulation of the safe.
  13. Ensure that you adjust the door of the safe after delivery. To avoid any extra play, tighten the door. Tightening it too tightly can cause wear down of the pins and is locking system over time.

It is advisable to consider hiring moving crew for the processing of installation. In case you wish to install the safe, ensure that you consult the manual before getting started .improper installation can lead to a wasted and a dangerous investment

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