How to Dehumidify a Gun Safe

Any gun safe can protect the weapon against unauthorized users, fire and theft. Most safe are made of steel layer that is hardly broken. But one thing common with all gun safes is that they restrict the free air circulation around the gun. This allows for humid air already accumulated in them to cause mildew, rust and corrosion to the gun parts; whether wooden or steel. If you value that investment, gun, it is then right to protect it against humidity.

Use of a Gun Dehumidifier


A dehumidifier is used to eliminate moisture from any enclosed surroundings. In relation to the gun safe, it should have the ability to clear any nook and give the safe box dry environment that is free from humidity. Metal and wooden materials react to humidity and get easily spoiled. Metallic parts compose the large area of most guns and will definitely rust or corrode when exposed to humid environment for longer periods. For the safe box, the painted parts will start peeling off over time Moisture can also cause long life destruction to the safe and gun parts due to internal corrosion. This will reduce the lifespan of your investment.

How to Dehumidify a Gun Safe

There are varieties of dehumidifiers in the market and can be categorized into two; the desiccant and the electric types. Using a desiccant will see the moisture trapped absorbed. Desiccants act like sponges and they absorb any humid air in the gun safe environment keeping it clean. A good quality desiccant is said to last for approximately for months. They have the advantage that they are easily installed in the gun safe without many complications like drilling and screw work. Another advantage is that it can be re-used by simply using an oven to dry it for an hour.

The most common and effective is the electric dehumidifier which use a heating element. It is commonly refereed to as the “golden rod”. It has a rod that gets heated to 140 degrees and instantly absorbs any moisture in its surrounding. Any humidity that will not be absorbs, will get heated and will disappear as moisture in the crevices of the safe. The electric dehumidifiers are effective in controlling moisture within the safe’s environment. They have the disadvantage of running electric wire cables in and outside the safe.

How to Dehumidify a Gun Safe by using a Lock-down Gun Vault Rod

This simple gadget keeps the inside of your safe hotter than the outside environment. This reduces moisture in the air and prevents any excess moisture from condensing in the gun safe. It has a bar element that is attachable to the inside area of the gun safe. The element raises the temperature to maintain low or no humidity at all This Lock-down Gun Vault dehumidifier come in different sizes to fit most gun safes. But it is has a 12-inch sized rod model which can easily fit in all types and sizes of gun safes. For the large gun safe cabinets, there is an 18-inch sized rod available.


The Lock-down dehumidifier is easy to install. For first time installation, you will require to drill a power hook-up in the gun safe. For other drilling options, you can use any unused mounting screw-holes to pass the power cables. It is compact and its ability to fit in almost all gun safes make it effective. It has a temperature control that ensures that there is no fire hazard in the safe.

The other gadget is the Eva-dry Renewable Wireless Mini

It is a perfect alternative for those who cannot get power supply to their safe. Eva-dry Renewable Wireless device is a dehumidifier that uses absorbent crystals to reduce moisture in the gun safe. It has the ability to keep humidity free for up to 333 cubic feet. Its effect last for a month before its crystal becomes saturated. Once saturated, remove the gadget, connect to power supply and it will heat up to restore the crystals. The process can be repeated as many times and it will serve to keep the gun safe free off humidity for a longer period. This gadget is easy to install, economical and can serve up to ten years. Another advantage is that there will be no need to frill holes in your safe to keep it functional.

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