BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe Review


BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe ReviewThe BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe is well suited for storing rifles. It can also be used for keeping other important items in the house including documents and valuables. It is sturdy since it is made of solid impenetrable steel. The safe can be easily opened using biometric information. It can store the fingerprints of up to 120 different users. Storing fingerprints is easy and takes only a few seconds. Once the fingerprints are stored, only those whose prints are recognized by the safe can open it.

Pros of the BARSKA Safe

The main advantage of the safe is the speed with which it can be opened. The biometric access system is very useful when a rifle has to be retrieved in a hurry, in case of an emergency. Apart from the fingerprint scanner at the top, there is a solid, dead- bolt handle that is turned swiftly with one hand to open it. All these ensure fast retrieval of items inside. In fact, many reviews have pointed out this as one of the main advantages of the safe over others. It is one thing to have your guns in a safe, but quite another to be able to retrieve them quickly when need be.

The safe comes with a number of very handy adaptations and accessories. First, it has drilled anchor points that allow for the safe to be permanently secured to the floor or wall. The safe comes with mounting gear for this purpose. It is small enough to be mounted at any desired position without becoming too much of an obstacle. With dimensions of 52.2 by 9.8 by 8.7 inches, it is quite a small safe actually. Then it is powered by four AA batteries with a lifespan of two years. The batteries ensure continuous use over that period, and are quite cheap to replace, thus reducing overhead costs to a bare minimum. When the batteries are low, there are three beeps emitted by the safe which indicate that it is time to replace them. Moreover, the safe comes with a one year warranty when it is bought.

The safe is easy to keep clean. Its surface is fairly smooth and does not have many complicated shelves on the inside with hard-to-reach hidden corners. It is particularly important to keep the finger print scanner clean by wiping off smudges on it. This helps to enhance its efficiency in identifying fingerprints.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Most customers agree on one point, the safe’s biometric recognition works efficiently every time. The safe is as easy to access as it is reputed, which makes it very useful when an intruder is on the prowl. A number of users also agree on one thing. The safe is too small to hold four long rifles. In fact, they point out that only two guns can fit in, especially if they have mountings such as telescopic sites or protruding magazines. In fact, Amazon has become realistic enough to advertise it as able to store rifles without necessarily stating the number.


The very first notable shortcoming of the safe is that it is black and thus very dark at night. It is not like you will keep lights on for an intruder to see you from outside the house. So with lights off, it is very hard to find the safe at night. Some customers have improvised by adding a LED light to the safe, so that they can find it in the dark. This is an innovation the manufacturers may want to seriously consider. Another problem is that it is small and does not carry all the rifles of gun enthusiasts. It is also quite portable and must be firmly mounted; otherwise someone can carry it away.


The BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe is quite efficient for its intended purpose. The biometric mechanism has received very good reviews all round. The small size is a bit of a problem for some users, but it is an advantage to others in terms of mounting space. On the contrary, as long as the understanding is that it can only contain a few rifles, then that should not be a problem. Overall, it is a very handy safe to have at home.




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