BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe Review

BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe Review

In the current world, safety is becoming one of the priorities due to increased incidences of theft and other insecurity practices. Hence, there is need to come up with gadgets that guarantee top security where safety threat exists. BARSKA safe is one of the safety gadgets that use biometric data to allow access to it and thus securing properties from people who biometric data is not stored on the gadget. The gadget stores data of 30 users fingerprints.


In addition, the gadget has back-up keys for emergency situations where the fingerprints may fail to function. Moreover, it has predrilled holes that make it flexible to be used at any place such as in walls, counter, and shelf. However, the safe has been argued that it is not fireproof and that any paper material stored in the safe may be damaged thus becoming unfit for paper valuables such as money. Various customers have argued that the safe is good and simple to use and especially the fingerprints system is simple and effective. This article will review the pros and cons of the gadget and how different customers have reviewed it in order to assess its usability and suitability in the market.

Pros of BARSKA

  • Supports 30 users fingerprints

The safe can store fingerprint data for 30 users, which means it can be used by more than one person. This makes it suitable for places where more than one person is required to access the safe such as in homes, supermarkets, and other places where only outsiders are limited to the safe. This ensures that the access of the gadget is not limited to a single person and thus making it convenient for use. Therefore, it cannot be accessed by people whose fingerprint data has not be collected and thus making it ideal for security of valuables given that it cannot be broken into easily. In addition, since fingerprints are used to access the safe, there is no need to carry keys over the place. This makes this safe ideal compared to other safes where one has to carry keys and in case one lose the keys it becomes difficult to use the safe.

  • Presences of predrilled holes

The presence of predrilled holes on the safe allows it to be fitted at any place that is convenient to the user. The safe can be fitted on the counter, beds, shelf, drawers, or on the wall depending on the place that the user prefers. The flexibility of the safe installation makes it an ideal safe compared to others that can only be fitted on predetermine locations. Moreover, one does not have to meet extra cost to adjust areas required to put the safe since one just need to fix it anywhere as long as it is safe.

  • The availability of back-up keys

The presence of back up keys for this gadget ensures that the gadget can be accessed even at the times of emergencies where the fingerprints may fail to open it as a result of technical hitches. Moreover, in situations where fingerprints access becomes difficult due to problems such as damaged finger, one will be able to access the safe.

Cons of BARSKA


The disadvantage of this gadget is that it is not fireproof and in cases of incidences such as fire, properties inside the safe may be damaged and especially paper-type valuables such as money. Hence, the gadget is ideal non-paper valuables.

Customer reviews

Various customers who have purchased the Biometric gadget and used it have argued differently on it. Some customers have argued that the use of fingerprints is one of the simplest and convenient ways to access the safe. According to the customers, one does not need to carry the keys in order to access it but is only requires the use of the fingerprint. In addition, one can use the finger at angle in order to increase the recognition of the finger prints. The ability to recognize the fingerprint at various angle make it easier to access it. Some customers have compared the accessibility of BARSKA with Gunvault safe and argue that the former is easier to access than the former. The safe opens quickly and silently and thus it is preferred for keeping gadgets such as guns to limit children access and permit quick access in case of thieves break.


BRASKA mini biometric safe is one of the key security gadget when it comes to variables in places where there is security threat. The gadget can be accessed by 30 users using fingerprints and has predrilled holes that make it flexible during fixing to various locations. In addition, the safe has emergency keys that are used for back-up thus limiting difficulties when accessing the safe. However, the gadget is not fireproof and thus not suitable for paper-based valuables such as money. Customers have praised the safe for its easier accessibility using fingerprints and backup keys on emergency cases.

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