BARSKA Biometric Safe Review

SizeOne Size
Item Weight28 pounds
Dimensions7.75 inches x 16.5 inches x 14.5 inches


Do you know what a BARSKA Biometric Safe is? It is a solidly built unit that uses batteries and can store up to 30 fingerprints. It usually has measurements of 16.5 width by 7.75 height by 14.25 diameter. It has two access keys to enhance its access just in case the batteries go off. It is usually given out with a one year warranty. Most people who own a gun prefer using it. This is because it is one of the safest ways to store a gun. It has well build features that make it the best product. The interior of the Barska Biometric Safe is adequate enough to the extent that it can hold a small gun and two other full sized handguns with ammunition and much more space still remaining to store any other valuable.

Pros of the BARSKA Biometric Safe
There are several advantages of the Barska Biometric Safe and because of its various uses it has become widely used by many people.

Pros No.1

A very important feature of the safe is its ability to provide ease of access to the user especially during moments of emergencies. This mean the user can easily access it in ahurry and be able to retrieve whatever is inside in a matter of second. For example ,if you were having an intruder breaking into your house you will be able to open the safe in good time enough to be able to handle him. All you have to do is place your finger on the scanner and as soon as it recognizes it it will flip open. The safe usually beeps when it is opened.

Pros no.2

Since the safe has a good size it can easily be hidden in a convinient place where the user only knows. Because of its distinctively small dimensions you can easily stack it in spaces that are out of reach by any other person. Most intruders will fail to see the safe from a far because of its size unlike the large ones. The valuables are therefore well hidden and safe from being stolen. Because of its small size it means you can even hide it under the stairs or even under your bed or behind your closet.

Pros no 3

By the mere fact that this safe has a restricted finger prints it means it can only be accessed by those whose finger prints are stored.This gives the user the quick access and confidence of security. The safe therefore can only recognize the registered fingerprints. It is also of great use in a business firm, it allows various licensed individuals to use and thus in case that individual is missing you will not have to wait for a long time for them to get back to you.

There are other additional features such as its ability to use AA batteries. This is of great use especially if power goes off because it will allow you to still have access to the safe. The keys are also provided for emergency e.g. if for one reason or the other the owner cannot access it , like if the scanner cannot recognize the fingerprint ,then he can just use the keys to open it. It is also very useful because of its lightweight hence no agony in carrying it around


Despite the fact that it has several uses it also has its own disadvantages. Because it can save several fingerprints it means several people can access it. This is not good as it might make it even hard to follow up on who lastly gained access to it and in case some valuables get lost it will be difficult to trace who took them. The safe is light weight hence the thief can easily escape with it and open it somewhere else. Some of the safes do not have the battery indicator hence it can be difficult to know when it is running out of battery.e t

Customer reviews and scores.
According to amazon product review most of the customers are enjoying the good deal of using the safe. Some have even given a rating of five stars. This shows how it is liked by many. Most of them like the way it is easy to access just with the swipe of your finger. However one of the customer was disappointed because the company failed to give detailed information on the manual of operating it. There was missing information” CONTINUE TO HOLD THE INITIALIZATION BUTTON WHILE YOU ARE STILL SCANNING YOUR FINGER”

Although someone might feel a little pinch while buying it because of its high price, after using it you will realize the importance of having it in your house. This safe is very important especially if you own a gun because you will always be assured that it is well kept and safe from reach by any other unauthorized person. The safes are produced in small amounts unlike other safes hence the consumers are proud to have something that is very superior.



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