The SpeedVault SV500 is an incredibly designed gun safe that could be easily mistaken for a decor. Its 18-guage Steel construction is great proof of beauty, strength and reliability, all in one unit. With a foam-lined interior and its many mounting options, this safety item can be placed basically anywhere without causing mechanical damage to your gun. Check out its properties below before you consider purchasing it.

Key features:

1. Dimensions: 6.5 by 3.5 by 13 Inches.

2. Weight: 8.2 Pounds.

3. 18-Gauge steel construction.

4. Protective foam-lining for its interior.

5. Multiple mounting options.

6. Digital keypad with quick access function.

7. Features a backup override key.

8. Quick access activation drop down drawer.

9. One 9V battery-powered.


  • Ergonomically designed.
    If you really love beauty and aesthetics, then this is definitely your ideal choice of a gun safe. It comes with a beautiful desian that will honestly look aood anywhere it is mounted. Its eraonomic desian allows it to be mounted in multiple positions thus can be placed basically anywhere, whether against the wall, at your desk or inside your wardrobe. this is a great feature in terms of convenience in placement needs
  • Secure.
    The SSV500 gun safe provides optimum security to your gun given its sturdy 18-Gauge steel body that cannot conform to prying attempts. It also features a protective foam-lining for its interior thus keeping the gun safe from mechanical damage during movement or even during a fall. With a passcode access, its digital keypad acts as a virtual padlock that will not be opened by any undesired mechanical means. It also comes with a fingerprint detection feature and for best results, you should put your fingerprints in it in multiple angles and positions.
  • Strong and sturdy.
    With its 18-Gauge steel construction, it is almost impossible for the SpeedVault SV500 to be broken into It is very strong and can withstand very rough handling without getting distorted. Each of its parts is constructed with great precision and strength to ensure that the dangerous weapon it carries is kept away from destructive hands.
  • Quick access.
    Apart from the beauty that this gun safe comes with, it offers great convenience in terms of quick access. It features a quick access drop down drawer which allows for easy and quick access of the gun. This comes in handy in case of an emergency. Its digital keypad with one-touch buttons is also easily visible and it only takes your passcode combination and you are good to go. In case of its failure, it comes with a backup override key that can open it mechanically. Its interior is equipped with a white floodlight that ensures ease of access of the gun especially when used in the dark.
  •  Customizable.

This superb unit allows the user to customize it according to their varied needs. You may choose to turn off its audio beeps using its Audio disable function depending on your preferences. You also have the provision to choose your most preferred access passcode that will be used to access your gun.

  • Compact With dimensions of 6.5 by 3.5 by 13 Inches and a weight of 8.2 Pounds, this unit is very compact. This means that it can be easily carried to any place and can be mounted basically anywhere. It is the perfect size for hand guns or pistols


  • Short screws. As much as the Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 offers great mounting convenience, it comes with shorter mounting screws. Most buyers recommend that longer wood screws should be included to ensure secure mounting. Though, you may choose to buy longer screws separately and they will work fine.
  • Low battery beep that works only when a keypad button is touched.   In this case, you never know that your battery is running low unless you press a button, something that could be dangerous in case of an emergency. It would have been better if there was a beep at intervals once the battery power drops. Though, this also reduces the amount of noise produced by this gun safe, which could be a great nuisance to most users.