A single glance at the GV2000C-DLX Multi Vault displays its sturdiness, a very important feature for a safe that is meant to hold dangerous equipment. With a 16-gauge steel chassis and an interior lined with foam, your gun will surely remain safe from curious hands and also safe from mechanical damage as it lies within a well-padded and secure interior. In addition to its 12 million selectable codes and an audio feedback to confirm keypad entry, its body is made with great precision and cannot be pried with hand tools. Below are its properties, pros and cons.

Key features:

1. Dimensions: 15 by 10.5 by 8.2 Inches.

2. Weight: 15.7 Pounds.

3. 16-Gauge Steel body.

4. Foam-lined interior with provision of light.

5. No-Eyes keypad.

6. 12 million user-selectable access codes

7. High-strength lock feature with precision fittings. 8. Audio disable feature.


  • Secure.
    Equipped with its 12 million selectable access codes for the user and a high-strength mechanism, your handgun will surely remain safe. With a customized passcode that will remain secret to you and probably the other concerned parties, the inside of this Gunvault safe will remain inaccessible to outsiders. In addition to the security it provides to your gun, its interior is well lined with foam to ensure that its contents are safe from mechanical damage even when moving around or transporting your safe. It also features a tamper-indicator and a built-in computer blocks access in case there is repetition of invalid keypad entries.
  • Sturdy
    With a 16-Gauge chassis, this gun safe offers you the perfect sturdiness and strength for gun storage. This amount of sturdiness gives this safe ability to withstand rough handling and even falls. The GV2000C-DLX MultiVault Deluxe Gun Safe is made with precision fittings that are impossible to pry open using hand tools. This property greatly increases the amount of security for your gun or firearm.
  • Easy to use.
    With a passcode in hand, operation of the GV2000C-DLX MultiVault is a cinch. Its No-Eyes keypad is a great inclusion in terms of ensuring quick access to your gun. This also makes it possible to operate this safe even in dark as it provides a lighting-quick access feature. Its interior is also equipped with light and can be used even in the dark. Its door that is spring loaded also offers quick access to its interior.
  • Easily powered.
    This equipment from Gunvault runs on a 9V battery which increases its convenience in terms of portability. Though, it also comes with a connection jack for external DC or AC power supply. In case your battery is getting low, there is an audio low battery beep that warns you against unexpected power loss.
  • Customizable.
    Right from its 12 million selectable user access code to ability to stop all audio functions via the Audio disable option, this safe gives you the flexibility to choose your own custom settings as per your needs. For instance, for more security, you may choose to disable audio feedback that confirms each correct keypad entry.


  • Poor build quality.
    If you are one person who is totally concerned about beauty and aesthetics, then this gun safe is absolutely not for you It simply takes that shape of a cuboid with a door. In addition to this, though the interior foam keeps your gun secure and safe from mechanical damage, it tends to greatly reduce the amount of space that would have been present if it was not included. Some buyers have also said that the foam keeps falling and also the battery holder does not securely hold the 9V battery in position.
  • Unresponsive touchpad.
    Some reviewers have raised complaints about the touchpad being unresponsive. This has sometimes led to having to input the passcode multiple times to have the safe open. This could be so stressful in case of an emergency. Though, if the recommended Duracell 9V battery is used, this problem is totally solved.