Are you in search of a compact unit for your handgun? Then the MV500-STD is definitely your best bet. Measuring 11 by 8.5 by 2.25 Inches and weighing merely 4 Pounds, this is the unit to invest in if you prefer reliability, compactness and portability from a gun safe. Below is a more detailed description of this gun safe.

Key features:

1. Exterior dimensions: 11 by 8.5 by 2.25 Inches.

2. Interior dimensions: 10.75 by 6.5 by 2 Inches.

3. Weight: 5 pounds.

4. 12 million selectable access codes.

5. Foam-lined interior for protection of firearms and other valuables.

6. Easily accessible No-Eyes keypad.

7. 16-Gauge Steel construction.

8. Built-in computer blocks access and Tamper indicator.


  • Secure.
    Just like any other Gunvault gun safes, this unit has quite a number of security measures in place to guard the gun from landing into wrong hands. It features a conveniently located keypad that offers 12 million selectable access codes to the user. This ensures that the user can create complex passcodes known to themselves or to other concerned parties thus ensuring maximum security. It also consists of a 16-Gauge Steel body that is strong enough to ensure secure storage for your gun. Its foam-lined interior also ensures that your firearms and other valuables are protected from mechanical damage. Equipped with a tamper indicator that indicates invalid entry attempts and a built-in computer blocks access ensures that after several wrong keypad entries, you can still access your gun and have the safe back in perfect working condition.
  • Compact.
    For anyone searching for a compact gun safe, the MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe is the perfect bet. It measures just 11 by 8.5 by 2.25 Inches with a spacious interior measuring 10.75 by 6.5 by 2 Inches which is enough to accommodate a pistol or handgun. It weighs only 5 Pounds, very light by any standards. This gives it an upper hand in terms of portability.
  • Customizable.
    When searching for any equipment, it is usually a genius idea to find one with settings that can be easily adjusted to fit your varied needs. The MV500-STD is one such unit. Giving the user the convenience to choose their own passcode combination from its 12 million selectable access codes is a great step towards secure storage for firearms. You also have an option of disabling all the audio functions as per your needs and preferences.
  • Sturdy.
    This pistol gun safe features a 16-Gauge Steel body that is strong enough to ensure secure storage for your gun and also durability. Its sturdiness together with a body built with great precision assures one of secure storage for the gun as it can stand up to rough handling and falls and cannot be broken or pried by use of hand tools.
  • Convenient enough.
    As your gun holder gets old, it may start developing trouble of opening using its keypad. This gun holder comes with a backup key that can be easily used in such cases. This ensures that in case of an emergency, you do not lack a way to access your gun.


  • Made for only handguns and small firearms. This is gun safe is compact enough just for personal or family use This is because it is small and cannot be used to hold bigger guns and firearms.