5 Reasons to own gun safes

A great number of people possess guns for various reasons.

  • Firstly is personal safety as a way to protect themselves and their families from the increasing incidence of crimes.
  • Secondly is for recreation, this includes hunting or target shooting.
  • Thirdly, would be keeping antiques collected or traditional heirloom passed down to generations.
  • Lastly would be because of the individual’s line of work such as police or military.

Whatever the reason of possessing guns it is of importance to own a gun safe to store the guns.

5 reasons to own gun safes include:

1. Requirement by the Federal law

The Protection of Lawful Commerce Act in Arms Act makes it unlawful for any licensed importer, manufacturer or dealer to sell or transfer any handgun unless the transfer is provided with a secure gun storage or safety device. This excludes transfers to law enforcement officers and federal or state agencies who are licensed to have guns.


Adding to an advantage of owning a gun safe is: the law immunizes any individual in lawful possession and control of a handgun and uses secure gun storage from a qualified civil liability action. A qualified civil liability action is the criminal or unlawful use of a handgun by a third party if at the time of access the handgun was inoperable by the use of secure gun storage. Thus owning a gun safe would be protecting an individual from state prosecution as it demonstrates responsible gun ownership.

Tragedies and accidents involving guns are exploited by anti gun groups to push for their messages that guns are dangerous in any individual’s hands. Thus locking up your guns shows responsibility and protects your 2nd amendment rights.

2. Safety

Safe storage of firearms when they are not in use so that they are inaccessible to unauthorized and at risk individuals provides a practical way to increase safety in our homes.


  • Fundamental to gun safety is controlling who has access to your guns. First and foremost are burglars who may steal the guns. This is because they can be easily sold in the black market for cash. They may use the same to cause injury to you or your family.
  • Safes also prevent children from accessing the guns as they may accidentally injure themselves when playing or fighting over them. This is especially because children are curious and ignorant of the dangers of guns and might see them as toys to play with. Penalties for allowing child access to guns may involve criminal liability for negligent storage whether or not the child gains access and causes injury.
  • It also protects from individuals who may have suicidal tendencies. Different types of safes are available depending on whom you are blocking access to.

It is required that all safes be locked and guns be unloaded when not in use. Even in the absence of children all firearms are required to be stored in locked safety devices.
Most gun safes are concealed as floor or wall safes hence not easily accessible to individuals without authorization such as children or burglars. Such safes can have alarms to alert home owners in case of unauthorized access.

3. Fire and natural disaster protection

Safes should be water and fireproof. This is because exposure of guns to fire and heat can cause damage beyond repair. Exposure to fire can also cause the ammunition to explode causing severe injury to those around such as firemen who come in to put out the fire. The safe should have a high fire rating both for temperature and duration. Using waterproof safes is important for people living near the coast and beaches in case of water related incidents such as a tsunami or hurricane.

The safes can be multipurpose that is used to store other important items such as jewelry and legal documents such as certificates or passports that only you have access to.

4. Insurance claims

Discounts are available for buying gun safes and other security measures together with guns.

Once your gun collection grows to a certain number and value, your insurance company may require you to keep your guns in a certified safe with an alarm. Homeowners’ insurance gives a significant discount rate for owning gun safes. This not only keeps guns safe but also saves money. Depending on the number and types of guns it may require a separate policy to fully cover them.

The insurer may require splitting up the collection in multiple safes to reduce the likelihood of being stolen. Most insurance claims are less than the buying price therefore storing guns in safes reduces risk of theft and damage and as a result an individual retains the original value of item incurring no loss. While making claims for theft of guns having owned a gun safe makes you look responsible and insurers are less likely to throw away your claim. This saves money and time as well as protects individuals or businesses image.

5. Tax deduction and Rebates

Tax credits are offered in several states for purchase of gun safes. One may purchase a gun safe and receive a federal reduction through the Security Firearms Act. In some states gun safes are exempt from sales tax.

Incentives are also offered. This encourages all gun buyers to buy safes which increases safety in our homes.

One may also get a write off if you keep your tax documents and business papers in a fire rated safe. This saves money for an individual.

The choice of a gun safe depends on the individual’s preferability and state of home. Gun safes come in different styles and sizes. Construction, thickness and locking mechanism should be the first concern following fire rating. The gun locks and gun safes should also work as intended to avoid any accidental injuries and damage.

In conclusion Gun safes should be accessible to you only to allow maximum safety. This can be achieved by usina biometric or diaital locks and personal access codes. They can also be desianed in stylish appearances


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